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Crafty Immaculate Namugabo Harnessing Treasure From Art and Crafts

Crafty Immaculate Namugabo Harnessing Treasure From Art and Crafts

By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - Immaculate Namugabo, a third-year Business Administration student specializing in Finance and Accounting is determined to reap from her love for art and crafts as a business.

Namugabo, also the founder of Treasure Arts Limited, an art and craft company, says that her love for art, especially decor is immeasurable. 

She realized that turning it into a business would yield her a penny and also make her a person of worth in society.

"I like decoration and designing, generally I love arts so I thought it would be a great idea putting into business what I like," Namugabo says.

"I started with just making some items for myself and then shared with friends. They liked it and that's how it started building up," she adds.

Namugabo started Treasure Arts Limited in 2019, advertising her products using social media sites Facebook and WhatsApp. Ever since, the company has gradually grown into a progressive enterprise attracting a larger audience on social media. 

"On a larger basis, I do social media marketing, I have social media pages specifically for this. I send samples to people's inboxes and also talk to them about it as I go about my life. On Facebook, it's 'Treasure Arts' and the WhatsApp number is 0787 094844," Namugabo explains.

Apart from making money for her own sustainability, Namugabo intends to generate employment opportunities for various people from her company as well as contribute towards the elimination of environmental degradation through recycling.

"I want to create employment for people and also help in fighting environmental degradation in a way that my major materials are glass bottles. I also use plastics which helps recycle materials that would be harmful to the environment," Namugabo says.

"I also want to support different projects that bring transformation in people's lives and also display different art skills," she adds.

Namugabo hopes to add something else on top of the art business when she finishes her first degree.

Her vision is to see "Treasure Arts" becoming an art center, capable of employing as well as supporting many people from different walks of life.

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